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The 7 Traits Common to Great Leaders

If you desire to be a great leader, learn from the best leaders by reading and studying how they lead.Why try to create a new model of leadership, when you can model yourself from the best? Thousands of leadership books have been written and studied, and some common traits emerge. Develop these traits within yourself, and you will become the leader you desire to become.

Below are 7 traits that are common to great leaders, in no particular order of importance.

1. Servant’s heart – Successful leaders serve others well. They operate not from a top-down pyramid point of view, but from a bottom-up perspective. They are intentional about serving the needs of their team and place much less emphasis on their own needs and desires.

2. Action-oriented – Great leaders despise complacency, hesitation, paralysis by analysis, and passivity. They demand action in themselves, and expect it in others. They plan their work and work their plan, every day of every week.

3. Inspirational – You cannot lead effectively without the ability to inspire others to achieve great things and get fantastic results. Inspirational leaders inspire through vision-casting, story-telling, and providing loads of encouragement.

4. Strategic – Great leaders develop and implement effective strategies to accomplish the company vision and goals. They are much more strategic than tactical. The strategy drives them, and they are relentless in their focus on strategy.

5. Results-driven –  Positive results matter to effective leaders. Achieving positive results in profits, people, and performance drive the successful leader.

6. Effective communicators –  If you cannot communicate effectively, you cannot lead. Great leaders speak early and often about vision, goals, performance, and problem-solving. More than anything, however, they are great listeners. They keep their ear to the ground, so to speak, to always know what is going on in the organization.

7. Team builders – Great leaders spend huge amounts of their time building effective teams that can carry the company vision to fruition. Great results come from great people.

Leaders build great teams by coaching, mentoring, teaching, training, and recruiting.If you desire to be a great leader, examine your leadership abilities and compare them with this list to see how you stack up. Recognize that these traits can be learned and incorporated into your daily leadership life.

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